All C4 Products are 100% made in the USA and built to last.




Where does my food come from and how is it prepared?


At 716 Fresh we pride ourselves on using local, organic and fresh products in every meal. Local farms provide us with fresh produce and meats on a weekly basis. Each meal is prepared in a health inspected and fully certified kitchen then frozen to seal in the freshness. Within the week orders are delivered to your door step for you to enjoy.


Can I pick my meals?


We allow our customers to choose from a menu that changes weekly or the option to sign up for one of our signature meal plans. Ready to order? Head over to the order online page and pick your meals!


What If I have allergies or food I absolutely hate?


Not a problem. Simply tell us what your allergies are or foods you strongly dislike and we will note that in your preferences and do our best to keep it out of your meals each week. We do recommend, however, that you limit your preferences to only serious food issues as it may have a negative effect on your variety each week. If you find there are foods or protein sources you aren’t a fan of as you continue to eat with us, let us know. We will make the proper adjustments to keep you moving towards nutritional success.


What’s the food variety like?


We guarantee the best variety of meals every week while helping you reach your goals. Each week, we create a new menu that is sure to please everyone. We take feedback from our customers to determine which items we might use again in the future and which to go back and rethink.


How do I know what I’m eating and the nutritional information?


Each meal has a label with an FDA Approved Nutrition Label which includes the name of the meal, nutrition information as well as the ingredients and "Contains" for allergens. These labels provide you with the calories, macronutrients (carb, fat and protein), as well as the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to help you reach your goals.


Are my meals frozen?


Some meals are frozen and some are fresh! To preserve freshness and to allow us to supply you with a week’s worth of healthy meals at a time, some of our products are packaged and flash-frozen to ensure the highest quality product when you receive your package. You also have the option to choose fresh fruit and produce weekly from our menu. These items should be eaten within three days of delivery for freshness.


How long do they last?
When meals are kept in a 35 degree refrigerator they are good for five full days. If you need to freeze them, that's not a problem. For the freshest experience, allow two full days to thaw in the refrigerator before enjoying!


How do I heat my meals?


Not all meals need to be heated. All meals are fully cooked and should take about 1.5 -3 minutes to heat in the microwave. Your meals are stored in a BPA free and microwave safe container.


How do I get a discount on meals?


We proudly support active military members, law enforcement and firefighters. We always offer a 10% discount on every meal purchased. Use Code FirstResponder at checkout. Please be sure to have ID ready upon delivery. Thank You, from your 716 Fresh team!


What's the deal with delivery?


Whether you choose pay per meal or one of our signature meal plans, you have the option of pick up or delivery!  Deliveries take place Sunday between 6 am and 11 am (weather permitting) for those within a 30 mile radius. A delivery fee of $12 will be added to all deliveries. Our drivers will notify you via email or text (whichever you provided during checkout) upon delivery and the meals should be refrigerated within three hours of the delivery.Upon delivery confirmation 716 Fresh, LLC is no longer liable for food left out after confirmation of delivery or stolen items. 716 Fresh, LLC makes every effort to ensure a safe and reliable delivery. Pick-up at our location Sunday from 8-9 am and 1-2 pm. (6120 Seneca Street, Elma NY 14059). For orders not picked up within 5 days will be discarded due to NYS food and safety regulations.


How do I pay?


Payment will be collected online. Cash, check or credit card is accepted at delivery as well. Independent Health Cards Also Accepted as Credit Cards at checkout. 


How do I order? Reorder?


Each week you have the opportunity to order meals from our website. Don't forget to order by noon Wednesday! We will deliver meals directly to your home on Sunday morning. There will be a delivery charge for all deliveries.