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Nutrition Consultations

716 Fresh Nutrition Consultations 

Together, let's rediscover what health means to you! Through virtual one-on-one sessions, via phone call or zoom, I am committed to helping you make positive, sustainable changes without having to give up foods that you love! ​

I believe that…

    • Nutrition should be simple.
    • Food is meant to be delicious and satisfying, not boring or stressful.
    • Strict diets and food rules are not the long term solution to your health — they’re actually the problem. 
  • Health and food are unique and personal for every individual.

With that being said - I look forward to helping you figure out a way of eating that feels good and fits your day- to - day living! Below are consultation options you can choose to talk with the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lauren Tronolone.

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