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Men's Meal Plans

Disclaimer: Meal plans are created for general weight loss and healthy diet. Meals plans cannot accommodate for any medical nutrition diet or severe food allergy. Our kitchen is NOT nut free but we are a Gluten aware facility.  For example doctor recommended low sodium, AHA Heart Healthy, Medical Keto, ect. Before purchase please speak with Dietitian to ensure we can accommodate you. Nutrition labels will NOT reflect any alteration/substitutions in your meal plan. 

Being healthy and happy with food choices. Men's meal plans are created specifically for you and your goals. Breakfast substitutions are allowed. Meals hand selected by our Registered Dietitian from our weekly menu.

Estimated Calories Per Meal Plan:

  • Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss Program- Beginning at 1200 calories to 1800 calories per day 
  • Active Lifestyle Program- 1800 calories to 2400 calories per day
  • Bodybuilding Program- 2400 calories to 3800 calories per day 


What's Included?

  • (2) Free virtual 15 minute consultations with our Registered Dietitian 
    • You, the customer, provide me with food preferences to help me better create the meal plan to fit your needs.  This is also a time where you can tell me about your nutrition goals in more depth.  I will not be providing education, for this is a time where you provide me with your information and questions you have on the meal plans. 
  • Weekly follow-ups with our nutrition team
  • Monthly discount codes may include the following (20% off meal plans, discounted delivery, discounted consultations and member only events)
  • Monthly Goal Check-ins

Our Registered Dietitian will be in touch with you within 24 hours. Free 15 minute consultation included - Schedule yours now!

ATTENTION: This is not a reoccurring meal plan. Orders must be placed by Wednesday at noon.  

Disclaimer: Nutrition labels will NOT reflect any alteration/substitutions in your meal plan.